Even before the internet came into existence, lotteries were a part of our lives. The only difference between is that, back then, buying a paper ticket was the only option. Things have changed drastically: most people, especially younger generations, have turned to online lottery. 

So if you’re still stuck playing the lottery on paper, you’re missing out on something. Online lotteries have made huge strides in transforming the gambling space. They’re more convenient & faster, and fit nicely with today’s smartphone lifestyle. 

According to a Bankrate study, over a third of people buy at least one lottery ticket a month. Obviously, a jackpot of about €10 million is more than enough to turn around a lukewarm eye. For some, winning the lottery may be the only chance to get out of economic & social hardship.

Online vs. paper lottery tickets

One of the obvious differences between online play and betting on paper is the location of purchasing the ticket: a website versus in-store. Buying your lottery ticket offline is not necessarily cumbersome, but some retailers may ask for your ID to verify your age limit. Alternatively you can buy your lottery card tickets online quickly, since registration is usually done once. 

Here are some other key benefits of paying to play lottery online.

1. Convenience features

Getting your lottery tickets online comes with several convenient features, including:

  • Select random numbers: While some lottery stores may offer this function, it’s usually easier to select random numbers online. 
  • Store and replay tickets: With this functionality you can set up a direct debit, which will allow you to play a certain number of games each week through an automated payment process.
  • Play anywhere, anytime: Ticket shops are often jammed with people when there is a super jackpot. With online lotteries, there are no shops, pens, long queues, or opening hours stress.

2. Global opportunities and wide range of games

Playing lottery in the shop means you’re limited to lotteries available in your region. Going online, however, allows you to access major lotteries across the globe. In the UK or Ireland, for example, players have the convenience of accessing major overseas draws.

Buying your Irish lottery ticket online enables you to participate in some of the biggest jackpots in Europe. Perhaps even more encouraging is that online lotteries have a wide selection of instant win games when compared to the scratch card option. 

Most lottery sites offer syndicate games to appeal to group players. If you’re lucky, you can even get syndicate bundles that come with more lines to play with, while others offer interactive games or super millionaire raffles.

3. Plenty of bonuses 

One common complaint about online lottery sites is that they tack on extra fees to their tickets. But you will also appreciate that they offer a wide range of options to play and save money – for instance, multiple draw discounts. Usually, players get discounts, which range from 5% to 25%, when they participate in more draws. Besides discounts, most sites offer VIP programs, which come with discounts and higher-tier benefits. 

4. Security and notification

Another feature that draws people to online lotteries is the level of security. If you buy your car offline and lose it for whatever reason, you may not claim the prize because you don’t have proof of the win. Likewise, you may face the same predicament if you fail to check the result of a draw in time, even if you win the lottery. 

For instance, just last year, one fortunate player won a £40 million jackpot prize after matching all the main numbers – but hasn’t claimed so far, probably due to a lost, stolen, or destroyed ticket. Online users rarely encounter these shortcomings, as they receive alerts within 24 hours of winning the prize.

As you can see, betting on the lottery online is more beneficial than buying a paper ticket. Sure, online lottery playing has its drawbacks too, but the positives always outweigh the shortcomings. Thanks to online lotteries, you can play huge jackpots around the globe.


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