As anyone just off an audition will attest, acting is a seriously hard job. Casting may seem like an easy process of kicking back and selecting the cream of the crop – but it is one of the most challenging parts of filmmaking. Thankfully, Casting Elite helps streamline casting for actors and casting directors alike. Casting Elite has developed an ideal online service that not only saves time, but saves costs as well – not only for the production team, but for the actors.

Are you a filmmaker or casting director? Female-owned free platform Casting Elite enables you to select exactly the actors that are perfect for your target role, every time, quickly and easily.

Or maybe you’re an actor. Are you sick of going around to auditions, repeating the same monolog over and over, struggling to keep it fresh and perform at your peak after hurrying to the call location? With Casting Elite you just submit your audition without having to deal with the hassles of driving, parking, and taking a half day, if not a full day, off work.

Take all the time you need to make your audition reel as perfect as you like in the comfort of your own home and with no outside pressures affecting your very best performance.

We were interested in this innovative website, and were grateful for the opportunity to interview the founders of Casting Elite to pick their brains about this fantastic service.

What was life like before Casting Elite? How are things different now?

Before Casting Elite, actors took time off from work, endured endless traffic jams, and waited for hours at casting locations for auditions. Casting directors on the other hand received actors who looked nothing like their headshots or, even worse, possessed no acting talent.

Casting directors are forced by time limitations to curtail the number of actors they can see. Casting Elite has totally revolutionized the entertainment industry by redoing the entire process.

Can entertainment workers use Casting Elite’s technology to find work?

Filmmakers, producers, and actors can now participate in the audition process from anywhere in the world with internet, saving tons of time & money. On Casting Elite, producers post their projects directly on the site and performers upload with any device. Since actors create their own auditions, casting directors only see the best takes, wherever and whenever they want.

Casting Elite has even gamified the audition process with a revolutionary voting algorithm for users to choose auditions they like. That way, actors get immediate feedback on reel quality. All of this is for free; Casting Elite’s service is available to anyone signing up.

Tell us about the production professionals on Casting Elite.

We meet with producers and executives from a huge variety of channels and add constantly to our network. Casting directors aren’t the only industry professionals on Casting Elite; many directors and executive producers are among our users as well. Recently executive producers from the Hallmark channel and A&E as well as NBC/Universal have joined.

What kind of projects are looking for talent on Casting Elite?

Reality shows are very popular at the moment: a vegan cooking show on A&E and a reality show on CBS.

What entertainment areas do you specialize in?  

Actors (film and theatrical), models, dancers, singers, stand-ins, acrobats, real people and real families, professionals, and specialties are users on Casting Elite. All areas of entertainment are represented: theatre, movies, dramatic shows, comedies, reality TV, student films, shorts, etc.

The U.S. is big on Casting Elite but international numbers are growing tremendously. We remove limits. With Casting Elite you can get discovered and have an acting career no matter where you live.

What is Casting Elite’s success rate?

With a talent bazaar like Casting Elite, it’s more of an open field in which we provide the setting for the deals to take place. The parties then communicate with each other regarding the final decision-making process, and they can come back once that project has completed. It’s really very win-win for everyone – a paradigm shift tide that lifts all boats.

How does the future look for Casting Elite?

Quality comes first and foremost – so ensuring the best user experience from end to end always takes precedence over scaling to become larger. But it’s very exciting to see Casting Elite’s viral growth curve. Our hearts pound every time we look at the numbers!

Tell us about the price point for Casting Elite’s services.

Casting Elite is 100% free for all parties using the platform. It’s important to us to provide a service for everyone – not limited to a certain economic niche.

Who are the executives at Casting Elite?

Lyn Diaz manages and spearheads the company, informing the direction based on her own experience as a model-actress at castings & auditions.

“I have been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years now and, as an actor myself, understand what actors go through during the audition process. I would often find myself frustrated at auditions where the wait time to see the casting director would take two or three hours.

“When I would finally get in, sometimes the casting director would not be there and it would be the casting assistant taking my picture or putting me on video. There had to be a way to make this process more efficient – and that is where the idea of Casting Elite was created.”

Where are your user numbers today?

We currently have around 20,000 users, increasing at a rapid clip every day.

Please sum up what Casting Elite aims to be.

Casting Elite is first and foremost a community in which actors & film professionals create art together. Our job is to enable that and make it smooth – removing blocks to their main focus: creativity.

By making the filmmaking process easier for everyone, Casting Elite is revolutionizing the entertainment industry. Casting Elite is completely free. Give it a try today! A personal account manager handles your entire process from audition to the first day of production.

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