In years gone by, female movie directors were rarely given dues equal to their male counterparts. Even in 2019, despite the wealth of talent in the film business, female directors are largely overlooked or ignored at major Hollywood award ceremonies.

Since 2009, there have been 50 Best Director nominees at the Academy Awards and 48 of them have been men. 2009 was also the year that Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win an Oscar in that category. With the glass ceiling finally broken, surely more women would be stepping up to the podium in the coming years? Not so.

It took until 2017 before another female director was nominated. That was Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird.

So with limited options and even fewer studios willing to put a woman at the helm of a major motion picture, it’s no wonder so many are signing deals with Netflix.

Netflix is definitely where it’s at if you want to watch a huge range of female-directed movies. From first-timers to seasoned movie makers, Netflix will leave you spoiled for choice. There’s even a genre dedicated to it.

Making her directorial debut this year is Brie Larson with Unicorn Store. Captain Marvel herself heads the cast as she multi-tasks her way through this endearing and charming story.

Mudbound from director Dee Rees is also available. This insanely good film earned Mary J. Blige two Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song.

With limited options and even fewer studios willing to put a woman at the helm of a major motion picture, it’s no wonder so many female directors are signing deals with Netflix.

Ava DuVernay has a massive presence on the streaming platform with Selma and 13th available to stream. She also directs the hugely anticipated movie When They See Us about the miscarriage of justice faced by the Central Park Five.  

Blockbuster movies like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Bird Box, Private Life, and Beyoncé Homecoming are all Netflix films or Originals as the company continues to pump money into the diverse set of skills offered by so many female directors.

From feel-good romcoms to brilliant standup specials, documentaries to hard-hitting stories, these ladies have it covered.

And while there’s no reason to assume a film made by a woman will be any better than one made by a man, at least know we actually have a chance to find out now. More importantly, at least women are finally getting a platform to express their ideas and tell their stories. Be it as writers, producers or directors, women behind the camera now have the opportunity to share their skills on a truly worldwide platform. It’s about time!


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