The Underwood nation is under attack and it’s up to one woman to whip it into shape – that woman is Claire Underwood.

For five long seasons, Netflix’s hit political drama House of Cards has seen Claire & Frank Underwood (Robin Wright & Kevin Spacey respectively) at the helm of the US government as President and First Lady. That’s all set to change with the forthcoming sixth and final season as after five years of scheming to get control of the White House, Frank’s stepping down from his role.

As you’ll be well aware, the reason for Frank’s abrupt exit is due to the allegations made against Spacey in the wake of the sexual misconduct scandal, leading to the decision to cut the actor from the show and continue with Claire front and center. While it’s sudden, Claire has always dominated as she navigated the power-hungry halls of Washington and by the end of season five, she’d already started to assume the position of her husband. In light of Netflix dropping a series of S6 first-look images, we’re discussing what a Wright-led House of Cards will look like now Claire is in charge. Introducing the new President you’ll love to hate. Spoilers ahead!

My turn

'House of Cards'

Majoritively, the many plots of the show are settled. Claire’s killed her lover Tom Yates, everyone who knows about the election meddling are dead, and the ICO leader Yusuf Al Ahmadi has been pacified. But that’s not to say there isn’t a lot more juice coming our way now that Claire is POTUS.

So while S5 focused on Frank’s re-election bid, it turns out this was all a plan to move out of the position (to find true power in the private sector) and put the First Lady in control. However, in a cruel twist Claire went back on her promise to let Frank off from his crimes during office, leaving him under threat from potential prosecution.

With Claire in control, we wonder what actions she will take in her new position. As Screen Rant pointed out, Claire is a wartime President and her first action as Leader of the Free World is to deal with the ongoing war in Syria, a threat that built up throughout the season. “This is one facet of power we’re yet to see explored in the show and will surely advance the already fractured relationship between the Underwood administration and Russia’s President Petrov. How will Claire cope as the pressures and body count mounts up – ruthless or toothless?” With what we’ve seen of Claire so far, no doubt the answer will be ruthless.

With regards to her staff, the end of S5 appears to pitch Mark Usher (Campbell Scott) as the most likely to take the spot as Vice President – whoever claims the position, they’re sure to play a significant part in Claire’s office. Elsewhere, we know that Seth Grayson (Derek Cecil) is out as Press Secretary and replaced by the equally ambitious Sean Jeffries (Korey Jackson), “a fact the current administration is trying to hide in the transition but will inevitably come out,” added Screen Rant.

Loads of WTF moments

Although Frank’s been at the helm of the misdeeds for five epic seasons, Claire has been there all the way, playing dirty during her climb to the top and proving time and time again that the two are cut from the same cloth. There’s not a lot she won’t do to gain and maintain power, which is why we’re eagerly awaiting in anticipation what tactics she’ll be whipping out in S6 as she attempts to retain her position as US President.

One thing Claire’s not afraid to do is use her feminine wiles to seduce and / or overpower her male counterparts, from giving her bodyguard an old fashioned while he’s on his deathbed to awkwardly boning Frank while he’s crying on the floor to making the Russian Ambassador watch her pee. She’s also taken some absolutely scandalous actions during her time in office, including her epic revenge on rapist General Dalton McGinnis, assisting her mom with suicide, and using sexual assault victim Megan Hennessey to help promote a sexual assault bill for personal gain. Yikes!

See ya, Frank!

Breaking the stereotypes perpetuated by preceding political dramas, House of Cards paints Claire Underwood to be just as ruthless as her male counterparts. In short, Claire Underwood is an absolute savage and while we might be saying goodbye to the central character, expect more sex, lies, and scandal with a female POTUS at the helm. And if you’re already dreading the looming end to the show, just remember it’s rumored there are plenty of spinoff ideas being thrown about in the Netflix backroom.

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