FutureFemme Screenwriters Competition

A FutureFemme is someone who doesn’t ask for permission.

A FutureFemme doesn’t need anyone to open doors for her.

A FutureFemme ignores an irrelevant establishment.

A FutureFemme knows her worth, her value, and her goals.

A FutureFemme doesn’t take no for an answer.

A FutureFemme creates iconic, inspirational content on no one’s terms but her own.

FutureFemmes write movies.

FutureFemmes make history.

Does your latest screenplay fit our vision? Join us now.

The first FutureFemme Screenwriters Competition is now open.

Every month, we look for the new voices representing the future of femmes in the film industry.

Open now – closes October 1st 2018

Awards announcement event

October 15th 2018, 8pm
The Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, London, UK

Live actors’ reading of our top prize winner’s screenplay
Industry Q&A:
“Getting readers & selling your script”
Industry panel:
“FutureFemmes on top, women writers’ talk working in the room”

Open bar

Industry networking & meet & greet session

We award the top scripts in the following categories:

Feature Film Script

Short Film Script

TV Pilot Script

Horror Short Script
Horror Feature Script
Horror TV Pilot Script

Comedy Short Script
Comedy Feature Script
Comedy TV Pilot Script

Dramedy Short Script
Dramedy Feature Script
Dramedy TV Pilot Script

Historical Short Script
Historical Feature Script
Historical TV Pilot Script

Animation Short Script
Animation Feature Script
Animation TV Pilot Script

Drama Short Script
Drama Feature Script
Drama TV Pilot Script

Action Short Script
Action Feature Script
Action TV Pilot Script

Sci-Fi Short Script
Sci-Fi Feature Script
Sci-Fi TV Pilot Script

Erotica Short Script
Erotica Feature Script
Erotica TV Pilot Script

Arthouse Short Script
Arthouse Feature Script

Best Female-Driven Narrative Short Script
Best Female-Driven Narrative Feature Script
Best Female-Driven Narrative TV Pilot Script

Top Script in Competition

Work will be judged by a panel of over 20 industry professionals, and each screenplay you enter will be provided with one page of valuable script coverage.

The top award winner will be invited to join the paid staff of our FutureFemmeTV writers’ room for a 3-month fixed-term contract.

We focus on narratives highlighting the following themes:

  • Disability

  • Equality

  • Motherhood

  • Mental health


  • Trans

  • Race

  • Class

  • Religion

  • Women’s issues

. . . and more.

All FutureFemme writers are welcome to enter, whether black, white, brown, pink, gay, straight, non-binary, abled, differently abled, female, identifying as female, male, extraterrestrial, or anything else.