FutureFemmeFest UK

June to December 2018

FutureFemmeFest UK is now accepting entries.

Anyone who identifies as a FutureFemme may enter –
woman, man, gender-fluid, trans, whatever.

Does your movie:

  • elevate FutureFemme perspectives
  • support the advancement of FutureFemme talent
  • and empower FutureFemmes through cinema?

Join us now in changing the future of filmmaking.

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FutureFemme Horror Feature & Short

FutureFemme Comedy Feature & Short

FutureFemme Dramedy Feature & Short

FutureFemme Historical Feature & Short

FutureFemme Animation Feature & Short

FutureFemme Drama Feature & Short

FutureFemme Small Budget Feature & Short (under $10k)

FutureFemme Action Feature & Short

FutureFemme Sci-Fi Feature & Short

FutureFemme Erotica Feature & Short

FutureFemme Arthouse Feature & Short

FutureFemme Best Female Director

FutureFemme Best Documentary Short

FutureFemme Best Female Cinematographer

FutureFemme Best Female Producer


Movies under a running time of 150 minutes can enter FutureFemmeFest UK.


  • $1000 cash for each category
  • A chance to find an audience through FutureFemme screening events / community worldwide
  • Services & equipment from our generous partners
  • A non-exclusive licensing agreement to distribute your work on FutureFemmeTV with an upfront fee + residuals paid every 90 days.

The Festival

FutureFemmeFest is a celebration of cinema. We bring the film festival experience to you via live competitions, local screenings, and our streaming partners.

FutureFemmeFest begins its UK tour in June 2018. FutureFemmeTV launches Feb 2018.

Finalists & winners will have the chance to find an audience at various live events throughout the UK:

June 2018
FutureFemmeFest UK Tour

August 2018
FutureFemmeFest UK Tour

September 2018
FutureFemmeFest UK Tour

October 2018
FutureFemmeFest UK Tour

November 2018
FutureFemmeFest UK Tour

December 2018
FutureFemmeFest UK Awards & Prizes

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